About the Coal Creek Camp

The purpose of The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers is to perpetuate the names and achievements of the men, women and children who were the pioneers in founding the Utah territory: by preserving old landmarks, marking historical places, collecting artifacts and histories, establishing a library of historical items and securing manuscripts, photographs, maps and including all such data as shall aid in perfecting a record of the pioneers.

The DUP is administered by a National Board whose headquarters is located in the Pioneer Memorial Museum at 300 North Main in Salt Lake City. Besides the National Board, the DUP is organized into Companies, which have boards that oversee the activities of Camps in a geographic area. Membership in the organization is open to any woman who is “over the age of eighteen years, of good character and a lineal or legally adopted descendant of a pioneer ancestor who came to Utah before the completion of the railroad on May 10, 1869.”

The DUP was organized April 11, 1901 with a gathering of 46 women in the home of Annie M. Taylor-Hyde (daughter of LDS Church Leader John Taylor) in Salt Lake City. Today, the DUP consists of 185 Companies overseeing the activities of 1,050 Camps in 15 states and Canada, with a total living membership of 21,451.

The Coal Creek Camp of the Iron Company, located in Cedar City, Utah,  meets the second Monday of every month from September to May at 2:00 pm in the LDS church building at 256 South and 900 West.

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The Coal Creek Camp Officers:
Darlene Brinkerhoff, Captain
Eleene Osborne, First Vice Captain
Aliene Overly, Second Vice Captain
Lorraine Palmer, Secretary & Treasurer
Julia Corry, Registrar
Tiffany Matthews, Historian
Marion Lyman, Chaplain
Rae Peterson, Parliamentarian
Marva Esplin, Lesson Leader
Marie Johnson, Docent Coordinator
Florence Stewart, Chorister
Mary Jane Seaman, Organist
Kaye Nielson, Artifacts
Melanie Barker, Web Master

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The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Song
Let us turn our mem’rys back, Far along those dreary tracks,
To a band of pilgrims filled with hope and pray’rs
They had left their homes their all, To obey the Father’s call,
They were later called the Utah Pioneers.

Finding here the promised land, ‘Mid those mountain vales so grand,
They were honest, serving God who bro’t them thro’.
Nice log houses did they build, With large Families they were fill’d,
Oh they surely builded better than they knew.

Then all honor to their name, Who have given us this fame,
As we meet from day to day, Let us lift our hearts and say,
We are Daughters of those grand old Pioneers.

E’re united in their ways, They their flocks and herds did raise;
They did cord and spin and weave, And make their clothes.
With their faithful, honest toil, They did cultivate the soil,
And they made the desert blossom as the rose.

As their children when we meet, In these vales so grand and sweet,
We will prize their lives of service more than gold,
And we’ll love them more and more, As we read their his’try o’re
Tho’ the half of this great story’s ne’er been told.

Then all honor to their name, Who have given us this fame,
As we meet from day to day, Let us lift our hearts and say,
We are Daughters of those grand old Pioneers.

♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦

Information on DUP Pins

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